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Harry banging his head against the wall.

Wizard Angst is the fourth episode of Potter Puppet Pals.


Harry wakes up cranky and insults Ron. He's angry because of his wizardry life, which he's tired of. He hates that his parents are dead, he can't hold down a girlfriend, he's tired of goblins, and has nightmares about Dobby eating his skin clean off. Harry then forces Ron to be the one to fight Voldemort, but Ron is scared of Voldemort. Harry is then banging his head against the wall saying "angst" over and over. Ron tries to cheer him up by hugging him, but Harry hits him, then Snape comes about to punish Harry and Ron. While Snape names some punishments, Harry and Ron use a spell on Snape saying "pantalonius poopicus." Snape then poops his pants. Dumbledore comes, amazed by the spell. Harry is then happy again. Hermione asks "What's that smell?" (referring to Snape's defecated pants) Ron says it's "Snape's greatest potion of all." Everyone laughs, then Dumbledore flies up. Harry then mentions to his friends to make a wish.