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"Got him a dead pig."

---Hagrid sharing what he got for Neville in Neville's Birthday.

Hagrid appears in two episodes. Hagrid has a deep voice, and can also sing. In Ron's Disease, he sung about how to cure Ron's wizard lice, but it didn't help because Ron couldn't afford mayonnaise, (one of the key ingredients to the wizard lice cure) so Hagrid tried to cure him by dangling him upside down and whacking him with a piece of wood. Then Harry forced Hagrid to come to Hogwarts and hit everyone else, thinking they have wizard lice, where they found out Dumbledore is an android.

Hagrid at Neville's birthday party with Snape and Dumbledore.

In Neville's Birthday, Hagrid bought Neville a dead pig as a present.

When Hagrid speaks, he can be hard to understand.