"I'm hungry !"

Ron's phrase from the puppet series.

Ron Weasley is Harry's friend. He speaks in a high pitched voice and is sometimes kind of a coward. He also rather dumb, as he can't even remember his own parent's names and misspelled parents as parants in his letter.
Ron Weasley

Ron in "Ron's Disease."

Ron also acts as Harry's sidekick. He and Ron sometimes bother Snape. Ron is also scared of Lord Voldemort.

A fan-made picture featuring Ron's animated series appearance.

Trivia:Ron is always hungry and his stomach is always hungry and growling.It did growl in the episode "Snape's Diary" . His favorite food is ...well ... everything. He is smelly like his friends Harry Potter , Harry Potter, and Severus Snape. He never takes baths.

He also speaks in an annoying high pitched voice .He is shown to be hungry and gets a snack in each time his friends are around.He also smells like garlic and onions and poop and a stinky diaper and smelly old Hagrid.He also smells like rats.

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