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Harry introduces himself, then talks about how great Hogwarts is. Suddenly, Ron comes up saying he has an affliction, which is "wizard lice." Dumbledore sends Harry to take Ron to Hagrid's house.


Then Harry and Ron find Hagrid sleeping. Hagrid wakes up and hears about Ron's lice. He sings a song about how to cure the lice, but it involves the use of mayonaisse, which

Hagrid's song

Ron cannot afford. So instead, Hagrid hangs Ron upside down and cures the lice by whacking him in the head. After that, Harry gets convinced that everyone else at Hogwarts has Ron's

Ron being hung upside down, about to be cured by Hagrid.

disease, so he forces Hagrid to come to Hogwarts to whack everyone else in the head. When he whacks Dumbledore, they both find out that Dumbledore is a "gay" android. In the end, after the curtains close, Ron is revealed to be still hanging silently at Hagrid's house, with a link to the Potter Puppet Pals website.

Albus Dumbledore revealing that he is an android.