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<nowiki>*</nowiki>HELL NAW*
<nowiki>*</nowiki>HELL NAW*
Pretty sure that's everybody....
Pretty sure that's everyone....
Happy Hogwarts Birthday!
Happy Hogwarts Birthday!

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Harry, Ron, and Hermione make plans for the day. Suddenly, Dumbledore jumps out and forces the trio to attend a birthday party for a student named "Neville Lungebutton," but he means "Neville Longbottom." Harry and his friends are really upset because they don't want to go.

The trio reluctantly goes over to the birthday party. Snape chit chats and get drunk with Dumbledore and Hagrid where they discuss what they got him for the birthday. Harry finds a door and decides to leave through it with Ron and Hermione, but then they are forced to play a game called "Walk In Circles where everyone walks in circles around Neville and sing "Walk around in circles 'round the birthday boy." It's his favorite game. Then everyone goes over to eat the cake, but suddenly Dumbledore jumps out of the cake and starts singing a song:

(jumps out of birthday cake) Oh!

Happy Birthday , Neville Longbottom!

 Happy Birthday, Neville

Dumbledore's Birthday song:

( * = Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Neville )


Happy Hogwarts Birthday

Magic Wizard Birthday!

Fun Wizard Happy Birthday


Magic Flavor Birthday Cake

Wizard Wishes You Will Make

Happy Birthday Dance With Everyone




Birthday Magic Wand

*Party Happy Birthday*

Wizard Party School

*Magic Magic Wizard Magic Party*


*Party More*


*wizard stuff*



Pretty sure that's everyone....

Happy Hogwarts Birthday!

Wizard School Party!


Neville's birthday is actually July 30th.

Dumbledore says he has never eaten cake before.

Snape eats the the kabobs. He says the are "squashly made ".

Harry , Ron and Hermione drank out of the cup .

Hagrid eats his poop kabobs with his feet. Now,there are poop between his stinky toes .

Snape poops his pants in his room. Then,he poops on Neville as a birthday present.

And finally, They all eat pizza , which smells like Dobby .

Ghost Neville

Neville as a ghost.

(good morning, Snape)Edit

Like Trouble At Hogwarts, there is a secret video included in this video. Right when Neville explodes, a black, blank, annotation box appears on Snape's stomach. If the viewer is fortunate enough to find it, the viewer can click on it and see a bonus video called "(good morning, Snape). In the video, Snape wakes up in a leaf pile next to a sleeping Hagrid, presumably after the party was over (hence their papercups in the leaves.) When Snape realizes he's next to Hagrid, he says "Oh noooooooooooooooo."

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