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Martial Arts is a 17 second short of ¨Potter Puppet Pals¨ that released on October 22,2013. It was one out of a short collection of Potter Puppet Pals episodes that released together.


Snape gives a Defense Against the Dark Arts class. However, Harry thinks the class is on "defensive martial arts" and kicks Snape to the ground.


Snape says that they need to begin their Defense Against the Dark Arts class. Harry then pops up in a Karate suit and says ¨Did you say Defensive Martial Arts Class?¨ Harry then kicks Snape and starts using his foot to press down on his face.

The Puppet Pals Collection

The Puppet Pals Collection is a collection of shorts that all released together on the same day. The first was ¨Magic can Solve any Problem¨ then was followed by ¨Dapper Ron¨ and finished with ¨Martial Arts¨ which is what the subject of this article is about.


  • This short most likely takes placed during the course of ¨Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince¨ seeing as Snape was teaching DADA (Defense Against the Dark Arts)
  • In this episode Harry is shown to have a foot with a sneaker on it
  • This is the first episode where Snape and Harry have shown up together without anybody else