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Snape trying to kill Harry with a hammer


Harry explains to the audience that even though he is succesful in his day life, he has terrible wizarding nightmares.

An example is where Harry meets Snape, the Snape starts to rant at Harry, eventually becoming so angry that he starts to try and kill Harry with a hammer.

In another, Voldemort is dancing, and everyone loves his moves. Harry is jealous and wants to upstage him, but he realises his feet are incapable of moving.

In his next dream, Harry is pregnant, and he gives birth to a mini Ron, but he ends up misplacing Ron and he can't find him.

Hermione is addicted to amphetamines in the next one, and she is rumaging through Harry's stuff. Harry and Ron hold an intervention, but Hermione started to try and kill Harry and Ron with a hammer.

The next one is short and it just shows Harry middle-aged.

The next one just consists of Dumbledore saying Harry isn't Harry, and that he's a muggle. The episode ends with Harry asking the viewer what his or her bad dreams are, and to write them in the comments, and to subscribe. The camera pans out to reveal Harry is actually saying this to a confused Ron and Hermione, who agree to do these things, despite not knowing what he is talking about.