Bothering Snape

Harry and Ron bothering Snape.

Bothering Snape is the first episode of Potter Puppet Pals. It was also animated.


Harry and Ron introduce themselves to the audiences, and then decide to bother Snape. Snape introduces himself to the audience, and then Harry and Ron bother him by shoving him and yelling "bother" over and over, while Snape tries to get them off. Harry and Ron stop and then do it again. Finally, Severus Snape loses his temper and kills Harry and Ron with the avada kedavra spell. Then Dumbledore shows up, thinking Harry and Ron are taking a nap. Dumbledore takes things out of their pockets: nine sickles and a dungbomb. Then, confused of where Snape went, or where he is, he undresses and dances naked.

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